Commercial Cleaning FAQ’s


Q: Do you provide all your own cleaning supplies? 

Yes, our commercial cleaning teams arrive to your location with all the equipment they need, and take it away with them at the end of each session.


Q: Can you come to us out of the pre-arranged times if there is a problematic spillage/issue that needs attending to? 

Yes, let us know as soon as possible and we will do our best to arrange a team to attend to your needs.


Q: How much does it cost to get a quotation?

We are pleased to provide free quotations! Just give us a call and we can arrange this for you.



Car Valet FAQ’s


Q: How do Pearl Waterless Car Wash products work and why do they not scratch the paint surface of the car?

1) Dirt particles are liquefied and encapsulated by special premium grade polymers on contact and are gently ‘lifted and suspended’ away from the surface preventing them from revisiting the surface of the paintwork.

2) The encapsulated dirt is then trapped by the microscopic fibres of the Microfibre cloth.

3) The Advanced Ultra Nano formulation also contains Nano and Carnauba waxes which seal the vehicles base metal and wax coats the paint surface at the same time for double protection; repelling water, making the surface super slick, shiny and giving anti-static protective qualities. The only time water is ever required is if the vehicle has thick mud or sand stuck to the skirts which can be simply rinsed or steamed off (1L of water produces 2 hours worth of steam) from that specific localised area before continuing the all-in-one clean and polishing process by applying the waterless product.


Q: Can the product be used in hot and cold climates?

Hot climates Pearl Waterless products can be applied in hot direct sunlight however for optimum application conditions we recommend applying the product either in a shaded area or inside a garage or showroom. When applying in direct sunlight spray a little more into the cloth first so it is slightly damp as this prevents quick drying due to the vehicle body heat absorbing the product. Cold climates Pearl Waterless products can be applied in cold temperatures but in minus temperatures you may experience some streaking. This is because the product becomes less viscous on an ice cold surface after the first part of the cleaning process. Gently buff the area until the product has completely dried. Use more than one Microfibre cloth to dry if necessary. Ensure to protect products from freezing by storing in ambient conditions in sealed containers.


Q: Can the product be used in on a wet surface?

Yes, as all our world class formulations are water based and contain absolutely no hazardous ingredients, no solvents which enables the user to efficiently and effectively use on wet vehicle surfaces without any detrimental effect to the finish. Just remember to carry more Microfiber cloths for the final dry buff to that all important and beautiful showroom shine.


Q: Are waterless car wash products bad for the environment?

Definitely NOT as all Pearl waterless products contain no hazardous ingredients unlike those contained in most conventional style products such as petroleum, acids, solvents etc. which all have environmental impact and in addition there is no run-off from waterless washing as there is no rinsing involved unlike the thousands of gallons of contaminated waste water that potentially goes directly into water ways when using traditional bucket-and-hose method washes. Also all Pearl waterless products contain No Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s).


Q: Do waterless car wash products clean as well as using conventional shampoo and water?

They work even better as the special ingredients contained in Pearl waterless scratch-free formulations liquefy and break down dirt on the surface of the car, which is then easily wiped away and then buffed with a microfibre cloth to create instant shine. Not only that but waterless car wash products add an extra layer of protection against dust, grime and dirt from the road, keeping the car cleaner and shinier for longer.


Q: Are silicone products dangerous or harmful to the environment?

Definitely NOT and may we reassure you that the silicone we use in our formulations are totally non-hazardous and equally safe for the user, vehicle and environment and in fact the gentle ones we use are contained within everyday use cosmetic products such as face creams. Pearl Advanced Ultra Nano, Professional and Eco Tyre Shine do contain silicone as within our range of world leading waterless car wash & detailing products it is essential to include silicone within certain formulations in order to achieve the overriding specific function to deliver the level of showroom shine and longevity required for customer ‘The Wow Factor!’ experience and satisfaction, without silicone inclusion the level of premium performance just would not deliver the same quality of finish.