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Our Prices for Waterless Car Wash Auckland:

Express Exterior Service

  • Exterior clean and polish
  • Exterior windows cleaned
  • Mirrors cleaned
  • Tyres dressed

Hatchback | Sedan | FROM $40.00 CAR 75
SUV | Station Wagon | FROM $50.00 CAR2 75

4WD | Ute | FROM $65.00 CAR3 75

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Express Interior Service

  • Full vacuum incl. boot
  • Clean dashboard & console
  • Interior mirrors cleaned
  • Interior windows cleaned

Hatchback | Sedan | FROM $40.00 CAR 75
Station Wagon | FROM $50.00 CAR2 75

4WD | UTE | SUV | FROM $65.00 CAR3 75

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Gold Service


  • Exterior wash and polish
  • Interior windows cleaned
  • Exterior windows cleaned
  • Wheels/alloys cleaned
  • Tyres dressed
  • Exterior plastic trims dressed
  • Full vacuum incl. boot
  • Floor mats cleaned
  • Clean & dress plastic
  • Interior vinyl cleaned
  • Clean door jambs

Hatchback | Sedan | FROM $100.00 CAR 75
SUV | 4WD | Station Wagon | FROM $130.00 CAR2 75

Vans | FROM $140.00 CAR3 75

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Additional Service Request

  • Scratch removal
  • Engine bay detail
  • Leather protector
  • Odour destroyer

Send us your service request, we would love to help!

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Car Valet & Grooming Cleaning Services


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Car Valet & Grooming Cleaning Services in Auckland

At Sensational Services, we are proud to provide services for our car valet in Auckland. There is no better feeling than being behind the wheel of a clean, comfortable vehicle. Our team gives personalised attention to your car, working diligently to complete every car cleaning Auckland job with high standard work ethics.

You can trust Sensational Services to treat your car like their own and to provide a high-quality car grooming service in Auckland. We dedicate ourselves to deliver quality work, ensuring that our customers are satisfied with our car grooming Auckland service. To present an outstanding car valet job, we have state of the art equipment and waterless car wash products from reputable suppliers to ensure that we don’t damage your vehicle’s interior or exterior.


Waterless Car Wash in Auckland

At Sensational Services, we use the most advanced waterless car wash solutions from Pearl® Advanced Ultra Nano, which cleans, waxes, polishes and nano protect the interior and exterior of your car. Our revolutionary waterless car wash solution saves up to 200 litres of water per car compared to other Auckland car cleaning companies that use the traditional car washing methods. The waterless car wash product we use can remove light oxidants, light water spots, road dust and traffic film, delivering an instant showroom finish.

Book your car valet services today with Sensational Services on 0800 870 870, and ask about our waterless car wash solutions to polish your car to a streak-free and lustrous shine.

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